Pearse Lyons Reserve Notes

I have to state here that we are anything but professional tasters who work for any client. These notes are totally our opinion and should not be taken as gospel. We just happen to enjoy a good beverage and want to make certain that we have general access to our notes – AND—we figure we’d share what a couple normal people think of the bottles we’ve got….so please take this review as it is – a free bit of information that’s from normal people. 

As I’m getting started, and I’m not a professional – how I write may very well change. I will try to be somewhat consistent in what I write and have similar sections or descriptions. At this time, I can’t guarantee that it’s always going to be exactly the same – but I’ll try. 

Now for the actual tasting notes: 

Last night we tapped into one of our favorite bottles – Pearse Lyons Reserve  

We purchased the first bottle of this whiskey over 5 years ago and have been savoring it slowly as we’ve never seen it on the shelves at our favorite liquor store since. That is until after the last Whiskey Expo that Vine & Table held –when we saw they had restocked several bottles. We picked up another bottle which we hope to get several more years of enjoyment from. 

Pearse Lyons Reserve isn’t terribly expensive by our book. The replacement bottle ran about $35…and I don’t remember what I initially paid way back when. We did get both bottles at Vine & Table in Carmel Indiana (most of our special spirits come from there).  

I intend to give a reasonable view of what you might see from each of the beverages that I post notes on. I totally spaced taking a picture of this whiskey in time to attach to this posting. In future postings, I’ll make certain you can get a reasonable look at what each whisky I’m writing about looks like in the glass. It helps me to understand things, and hopefully it will with you as well.


 Tan-ish without being a golden color.  
We likened it to a honey based simple syrup. (Not as runny though) 


Fresh cut apples.  

There’s a light citrus smell…more like a general citrus zest smell. Not quite orange/lime/lemon/grapefruit –just a general citrus essence. 


Lemon grass 

Lemon juice 

Fresh green herbs -not as heavy as a pizza herb combination or a baking roast combination – nor a green as a fresh cut suburban lawn. 

A very light smokiness—like a leaf fire from a distance on a crisp fall day. 

There’s an intermediate rye “burn” or pepperiness. Not an ages rye or a raw burn, just enough to assert its presence without being overbearing. 


Allspice/ Very light baking spices.  

Hits the back of the throat in a very awakening sort of way. Tonsils feel it without a burning or overpowering sensation.  

It’s silky without being feminine.  

The flavors hold a for an intermediate amount of time and don’t become intrusive to other tastes and smells.  

Overall Pearse-Lyons Reserve could be used as a cocktail mixing whiskey, or a sipping whiskey, if you can consistently find it. We prefer it neat and as a sipper only because we can’t source it consistently (which tells me it’s a fairly decent use of the word “reserve”).   

For those who are interested in what the back of the bottle looks like:

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