Maybe I’ll get back to this site now.

I know that I wrote back in March that I was going to go off and do “stuff” —
Well, I have been out doing that stuff and have been having a blast doing it.

However, in that time I’ve put off some things that I’ve not wanted to face and today was the day I faced them. Namely, someone compromised this site. I’m not happy about that. But I’ve also put in security to help prevent that. I’ve also gone through and manually scrubbed my files to make certain I know what is and isn’t supposed to be in the system. I’ve also managed to activate my certificate for the site –and hopefully that helps secure things a bit too.

The good thing is that we’ve got our webstore active now — I’ve been busy in the shop and my wife has done a very good job on getting most of the items we’ve got on line there. We have a boatload more coming for listings. We _think_ we have a process down now. (But I refuse to say that I’ve nailed it…that’s just an invitation for disaster….)

I really have to say that I’m impressed with the tools that GoDaddy has supplied to build that site. I’m technical enough to be able to research what I want on a site, but not technical to actually build it or do deep dives on what actually happens. The framework that GoDaddy has supplied is really impressive. About the only thing I’ve still got to figure out is how to do local orders where I drop stuff off or have someone pick up the order. Otherwise things just work. We’re able to add items relatively quickly and set conditions as needed. I am still learning though…my wife has this down to a science (hence why she’s my smarter half).


Now that I have things mostly working, I’ll try getting more content and reviews of whatever I’m enjoying– bikes, beverages, technology, or woodworking. I think I can start making more time to share things with whomever decides to spend a few minutes reading my brain drippings…
More to come…

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