Bike part 2


OK, So I back posted the last entry and will most likely back post this one too. Not that I think anyone’s reading this and I’m simply writing for posterity’s sake…but I’ll fess up and say that I did make the last post show up last week and not just now.

Part of the reason there’s not been a post has been due to a complete lack of drive to write anything. That’s due to having to re-re-re-re write things for work so they’re so generic that they absolutely kill my mind to the point that I’m just numb. I think this is part of the overall epidemic of the modern business environment, but that’s a whole different post that will come up in the not too distant future.


SO, I was the last one to admit that my bike is giving up the ghost. Even my bike was telling me this over the weekend. Needless to say that I’ve done an absolute boatload of homework on bikes and somewhat understand what all I’m needing to look at.

I’ve looked at several 10’s of bike reviews and technology rankings and talked to several different bike shops. This was only to replace _my_ bike.

In the 30 years that I’ve owned my Raleigh, the technology has massively changed. MAN there has been a ton of change. Then again, I do like change and in this case, it’s been really interesting. Whereas my Raleigh’s 12 speeds shift on a lever on the center post, just about every bike made these days shifts on what I would have called the racing stance breaks. My 12 speed seems quaint…given that many of the Shimano and Shram shifters have that many gears on just the main cassette.

The frames have changed massively too. Gone are the days of my “light-weight alloy” frame and in are the various tonnage types of carbon frames. Even aluminum has changed (and that was like WAY cool way back when).

<Thoughts unfinished…but miles have been put on the bike since I started riding. More biking posts to come. –The Cheese — Oct 2018.>

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