15 Minutes

15 minutes is what I’ve seen be used as a consistent timeframe that needs to be spent by someone who wants to become a better writer. OR, 15 minutes is the amount of time someone should spend on writing a blog post about any given topic. So I’m going to try to develop the habit of writing for 15 minutes just about every day. Try being the key word there.

During the professional part of my day, I end up writing a large amount of what I consider useless corporate drivel. It’s mainly useless because it’ll be read by exactly one person upstream from me. Useless because most of these documents are used to either keep a team under some form of control via paper mandates (which are then totally ignored by the realities of the daily universe), OR, they are legally mandated by some level of regulation that most likely will never be used by anyone for any real practical purpose. I write this drivel because, as an IT project manager, it’s part of the job and we need to document what happens during the course of the project. By the end of any given day, I’m so sick of hearing my keyboard click that I can’t think about looking at another piece of white paper and start typing about some other ideas.

And there are PLENTY of ideas lurking in the back of my head. Just about everything is an open area of interest to me. All areas of life are interesting to me from furniture restoration and wood working (duh), to politics and economics, to making real food from real ingredients into things that I’m very happy to serve to my family. Trying to type after filling in 15 “status reports” is just an energy drain….so I’m going to attempt to write for 15 minutes in the morning before engaging my brain into the corporate world. The one thing that will become apparent, hopefully quickly, is that I work to live and don’t live to work. Although I find the world of business (and in particular how technology is used in business) very interesting, I’ve learned that there is plenty more out there than just the corporate world. These posts will be a combination of both – corporate and non. Real life adventures with drudgery of the sterile office world.

There will be scientific reviews and analysis along with cynical commentary about whatever. I will be me – and hopefully I can convince you to be YOU along the way too…

So here goes nothing and everything.  Tomorrow I look at something and try to type about that topic for 15 minutes. I have no bloody clue what that might look like yet – I have no idea what the muses will tickle me with then. If I’m lucky, I might include pictures or links or ??? to be included with this post. But that will be embellishment done after the 15 minutes is up.

Speaking of 15 mintues— times’ up.

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